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The multiplication table is a very basic and necessary table in learning arithmetic and science.

Knowing the table by heart also helps with calculations required on a daily basis such as shopping.

To learn the multiplication table, it is important to understand the operation of multiplication. Then, practice and solve as many exercises as possible until you calculate each exercise with confidence and success. At this point, you will already begin to remember the results of the exercises by heart. It is important to keep practicing until you remember the entire table by heart and without mistakes.

There are methods for learning the multiplication table easily and quickly. The easiest multiples to learn are multiples 10,5,2,1. Therefore, it is recommended to start learning the multiplication table with these multiples, and only after mastering them, move on to the other multiples.

Click here for multiplication table study methods. In each multiplication, you will find method(s) that will help you learn it easily and quickly.

Tips for learning the multiplication table:

* It is recommended to use the word «times» instead of the word «double». For example, instead of saying «five times three» say «five times three». This wording reminds us of the essence of the operation and helps to move from multiplication to addition in solving the exercise.

* The order of the terms in a multiplication exercise is not important and does not change the result, but the order determines the appropriate addition exercise, and sometimes one order is easier to calculate than the opposite order. Therefore, reverse the order of the members in the exercise if it helps to calculate it more easily. For example, «7 times 5» is easier to calculate than «5 times 7».

* Use your fingers. Raise as many fingers as one number that appears in the exercise and count all the fingers you raised several times according to the second number in the exercise. For example, in the 6×4 exercise, lift 4 fingers and count them 6 times or lift 6 fingers and count them 4 times.

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