12 times table

The multiplication table to 12 is a table with 12 columns and 12 rows, which includes all multiplication exercises from 1 to 12.

It is highly recommended to learn the multiplication table up to 12 by heart. That way, every time you need to calculate an exercise, you will simply retrieve the answer from memory without wasting time calculating the exercise every time.

In fact, the multiplication table up to 12 is the multiplication table up to 10 plus two columns (and rows) of multiplication by 11 and multiplication by 12.

Free Printable Multiplication Chart for multiples 1 to 12

The blue part of the table is the standard multiplication table (up to 10). The purple part in the table is multiples 11 and multiples 12. For quick and easy methods to study multiples of 11 Click here and for multiples of 12 click here.

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